Learn the secret to joyful sleep in this life-altering program. Over the course of 5 one-on-one sessions, you'll learn to make simple yet effective adjustments to your mindset and sleep routine that set you up for restful nights and successful days.


The introductory price of $199* includes 4 individual in-person sessions lasting an hour or more, a Sleep Massage (valued at $105), a copy of the Joyful Sleep Program Workbook, and free attendance at the Joyful Sleep Meditation for 3 months.


In this program you'll...

  • Create a bedtime routine you'll enjoy that prepares your body and mind for rest

  • Create space for fun, yet calming pursuits such as journaling, meditation, and meditative movement

  • Drastically improve your sleep hygiene by adopting sleep promoting habits

  • Kick your screen addiction, at least before bed

  • Study the sleep cycle and discover your body's natural rhythm

  • Receive a complimentary SleepWell Massage designed to engage your body’s natural relaxation system

  • Master basic meditation techniques 

  • Discover ways to move your body that are fun, healthy, and sustainable

  • Employ movement meditation to get out of your head and into your body

  • Cultivate a mindset of gratitude and contentedness that puts you in positive place before sleep

  • Gain energy and bolster your immune system

  • Feel younger and more positive





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Program Guidelines

Once the Joyful Sleep Program has been purchased, you (or your recipient if you purchased for someone else) have 6 months to begin the program and 3 months to complete the program once it has begun. You may cancel the program and receive a full refund any time before the first session. Once you've completed the first session, no refunds will be given but you may be given a credit that can be used for other SleepWeavers products and services. 


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