Can't sleep? Work with Adult Sleep Coach, Rebekah Delling to uncover the cause with an adult sleep coaching session. Insomnia is rarely a primary issue, it is more likely to be a symptom of another problem either physical, psychological or emotional. If Rebekah suspects that it's an issue beyond her scope of practice, she will refer you out to the appropriate medical professional for diagnosis.


During this session we will conduct a holistic sleep assessment, discuss sleep hygiene and bedtime routines and then create a realistic sleep action plan that you can implement the same night. We will chose specific tools and routines that will set you up for sleep success for that night and every night thereafter.


Once you have completed this session you are eligible for discounts on follow-up virtual and in-person sessions. Ask Rebekah for details.


After your purchase is complete, Rebekah will contact you to schedule your virutal session and provide you with further instructions. 


Please note that this service is not intended to replace medical or pyschological care or advice. It is a  tool that complements and enhances conventional treatments. 

Virtual Adult Sleep Coaching Session with Rebekah

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