Dr. Lisa Mainier- Integrative Medicine and Practice

by August Ardeno

Dr. Lisa Mainier

Dr. Lisa and You

Medicine, healthcare, and doctors invoke different images for everyone. You might think of a crowded reception room or of a busy doctor going from one appointment to another. Someone else might mentally tally the lists of medications they use. But let's take a moment to step back from those images for a bit.

At Hampton Holistic Center, Ross office, we are excited to share space with Dr. Lisa Mainier. If you've been looking for a fresh start in your medical experience, she might be the doctor for you.

Dr. Lisa practices functional and integrative medicine. What does that mean and how is that any different from the medical experiences you might already know? Dr. Lisa looks at your health by looking at all of you in your entirety. She considers your lifestyle habits, your diet, your medical history, life experiences, and even genomics to help uncover the underlying reasons for what you're experiencing. Again, some of this might sound like medical experiences you already know. Becoming a new client for any office means divulging medical history, right? What makes working with Dr. Lisa different?

To begin with, you're working with Dr. Lisa.

Elsewhere you might be greeted by a nurse or assistant, but here you'll be greeted directly by her. And Dr. Lisa gathers your information herself during the first an hour and a half session. You'll be spending that time going over all of your information and nothing is too mundane to share. Your daily experiences, stresses, emotional state of mind, sleep patterns- the list goes on. Nothing is too trivial for a medical detective like her.

Helping get to the best you is like being a detective. Our bodies are natural healers, always moving towards the path of healing. If there is a roadblock in the pathway our body makes sure to tell us. However, we don't always understand those messages. We might recognize that we don’t feel well or that something feels different. In time we might come to recognize signs and symptoms that we would report to a doctor. The doctor may take our information and diagnose us with a disease. In time, that diagnose might lead to the prescription of different medications to help us manage the disease or condition.

Does the intervention of medication, possibly even long term, sound familiar? Dr. Lisa strongly believes in the body's natural ability to heal. Her approach to medication and our western medical system could be the difference you're looking for. She does believe that our medical system, as it has evolved, does well for treating acute situations. However, for long term care and wellness, there seems to be something missing. Medications are often prescribed for long term use and patients may find that they 'stay in the system'. Individuals may find that they are on medication without clear goals or an end date. The whole approach might feel more like disease management, rather than getting well.

This comes back to how Dr. Lisa will function like your medical detective. She'll work to discover the reasons why behind your signs and symptoms. As started earlier, nothing is too mundane to be overlooked. For example, there could be clues in whether you were breastfed as an infant, or even how you were delivered as a baby. How you prepare your food, even what you eat it from, could be impacting your health. Furthermore, Dr. Lisa will recommend lab tests to help determine your current health. Mentioned before, she will even pursue genomics with lab services like 23andMe.

Genomics and You

Now, genomics could be a word you haven't heard from a doctor before. Let's talk about genomics and how this is a central key to Dr. Lisa's practice. So, what is genomics? Genomics is the study of genomes. Your genome is the complete expression of your DNA. Your DNA holds much of the information about your health and how your body will process and experience life! The key to understanding your cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, or any number of other conditions might be in your DNA.

Compiling all of the available information, Dr. Lisa will help you move forward in your journey with a deeper understanding of who you are. A key difference in her outlook is that she considers disease a process, a process that can be interrupted along the way. As previously stated, our body is excellent at healing itself. We just need to listen for those clues. She will help you adjust things like sleep, nutrition, and exercise to best serve your particular needs in order to intervene in the process of disease.

Her intake process, genome and all, is what allows her to build a care plan that is personal to you. In the traditional medical system care plans often feel like blanket treatments and cookie cutter answers. Indeed, medical students may learn blanket treatments for different medical conditions. You're an unique individual down to the DNA level. You deserve a treatment just as unique as you.

Dr. Lisa, Your Doctor, and Insurance

Your work with Dr. Lisa constitutes a partnership with your primary care physician. While she is here to help you holistically tackle your health concerns, she does not replace your primary care physician. Dr. Lisa is the sole doctor of her private practice and cannot be available at all hours or days and is also only available by appointment. You'll still work with your primary care physician and address any sudden onset, acute health situations with them.

Dr. Lisa does not accept insurance because she has found that insurances companies and their policies often create a barrier to care. Often the patient is required to seek care strictly within a 'network' of providers or facilities, often for reasons that financially benefit the involved companies. Other barriers may come in the form of insurance not covering certain medications, testing, or other needed procedures.

Insurance does not often cover integrative and functional services. However, you are welcome to submit your costs to your own insurance for out-of-network rates.

The Road to Salus Integrative Medicine

Dr. Lisa established Salus Integrative Medicine as her private practice. Her motivation to do this was largely inspired by the desire to truly serve her patients.

In other practices she found that the care she was able to provide was not her best. The system simply did not work in her or her patients' best interests. She worked long hours and often had to take work home. She was unable to spend adequate time with each of her patients. Spending more time with any one patient required offsetting the rest of the workload for the whole day.

In addition, Dr. Lisa found her work performance graded based on factors like how many individuals she referred out for services or what medications she prescribed. It felt to her that sometimes this grading system counted against not only her, but the best interests of her patients as well.

Dr. Lisa wanted to help patients invest in themselves and their wellness. The cycle of continuously investing instead in medications or procedures can be costly and counterproductive. She believes the best and safest approach for a patient is the investment for prevention.

So Salus Integrative Medicine was born of the need to fully focus on you and your investment in yourself.

Her greatest reward is seeing her patients get better and feel better. Indeed, with her work now as a private practice she has been a part of many, many success stories. The wait for success isn't long either. Many of her patients have called her within days to report that they can feel the difference already. She deeply believes in the difference integrative and functional medicine can make in someone's life.

Salus Integrative Medicine and Hampton Holistic Center

Dr. Lisa is a valuable member of our team here at Hampton! Her work as a holistic doctor is important to helping you look at the full picture of your health. By empowering you to learn more about your own health, she can help you truly invest in yourself.

Her goals here at Hampton include helping complete your in-house care and pursuit of wellness. She can help you assess the sources of your current health situations- whether your sources are nutritional, emotional, or muscloskeletal in nature. Beside our team of massage therapists, sleep specialist, and emotional health therapist, Dr. Lisa is here to help you truly embark on your journey to wellness.

As well, Dr. Lisa hopes to reach more of the community by being here at Hampton Holistic Center. She wants to continue to educate people on health and the value of genomics in medical practices.

Dr. Lisa and Looking Forward

Dr. Lisa is passionate about empowering patients in the community in their own sense of wellness. She enjoys speaking to the public and especially enjoys the Q and A sessions after. Versed on many different topics, she is eager to share what she knows. She hopes to plan for more speaking events this year and in the future. She currently speaks on our local radio. Tune into Word-FM 1-101.5 at 6 and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. Saturdays to listen to her show. She covers an array of current topics over the week. Get the chance to hear her discuss topics like current diet trends, genomics, insomnia, and many others in a convenient format.

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