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Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Hot stone

Trigger Point

Connie Maun, LMT

Lead Therapist/Licensed Massage Therapist

License #: MSG004287

Connie Maun is a graduate of Laurel Technical Institute Massage Therapy Program and Pennsylvania State Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer.  A fitness fanatic, yoga enthusiast, and self care advocate who understands the challenges of our hectic daily lives because she has two teenage whirlwinds!


With a firm belief in whole body wellness that incorporates mind, body, and spirit along with a desire to help her clients feel and be their best, the focus is always on caring for you as a whole.


It is her goal with every client, every time, to have finish better than they started, with the tools and knowledge to maintain that feeling.  Each massage is tailored to your specific needs and goals with after care recommendations of stretches, relaxation techniques, or strengthening protocols.


Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue/Therapeutic, Trigger Point Therapy

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Sleep Massage

Sleep Coaching

Meditation Training

Rebekah Delling, LMT, MFA

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sleep Coach 

License #: MSG005222

Rebekah is a licensed massage therapist and adult sleep coach with 20 years of experience in massage and meditation. She has spent the past 13-years as the owner and lead therapist of the HHC (formerly known as Words & Bodyworks Massage Therapy).


When the shutdown happened, Rebekah decided to go a different direction with her life and career and moved to Asheville, North Carolina where she recently accepted a position as the Clinic Administrator for the Daoist Traditions College Acupuncture Clinic


Rebekah remains committed to the HHC by offering virtual sleep coaching and meditation training and managing the overall business operations remotely. She has entrusted Connie Maun, LMT with the in-person operations and has given her the lead massage therapist position.  

Massage began as a personal journey after a difficult period of depression and anxiety during her early 20's. The desire to heal herself morphed into a desire to help initiate healing in others. 


In addition to owning her business, she also worked for Olmo Ling Meditation Center and studied under Tempa Lama. She recently completed a course in Sleep Science and obtained her certification in sleep coaching. In 2016, she was recruited to be a massage therapist on the US Open Wellness Team at Oakmont. Rebekah also sat on the Massage Advisory Board of Douglas Education Center. She also enjoys writing articles about massage, wellness, and sleep.


In addition to her massage degree and other certifications, Rebekah possesses a Bachelor's degree in business writing and a Master's degree in writing.

In her spare time, Rebekah enjoys hanging out with her dog, Rusty and cat, Crashie, as well as meditating, reading, and spending time in nature.


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