We endorse meditation as an important part of your healthy lifestyle and recommend adding it to your daily routine. Not only will meditation help you sleep better, it will help you become more resilient to stress and give you back control of your thoughts and your mind. 

These might include:

Mindfulness Meditation - in this meditation adapted from Buddhism you focus on the breath while letting your thoughts pass through your mind without judging them or getting involved with them. You are simply a curious observer of your mind. This practice has the most benefits long-term and can help you manage pain and put you in touch with your true self. 


Guided Meditation - this meditation practice focuses your immediate need for relaxation and stress reduction in which you are focused on someone's voice guiding through the exercise. There are many apps available for download on your smartphone. A good free app with is Insight Timer. 


Loving-Kindness Meditation - this guided meditation promotes compassion for yourself and for all beings. It is a great meditation to do before bedtime to put you at ease with yourself and with the world.


Mantra Meditation - uses a word or set of words that allow you to focus your mind. Traditionally these words are in Sanskrit, but they can be any words or even sounds. 


Movement Meditation - Yoga and Tai Chi are good examples of moving meditation, but you can meditate while doing any movement, walking through the woods, dancing, or even doing the dishes! The idea is to become absorbed in the movement to focus the mind and calm the body. 


There are many benefits of meditation which include:

  • lowered blood pressure

  • reduced anxiety

  • decreased pain

  • eased symptoms of depression

  • improved sleep

  • better resiliency to life's up and downs

  • increased immunity

  • better concentration

  • more contentment 


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